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At Ace Asbestos Removal Gawler, we are a team of dedicated professionals passionate about making our community safer and healthier. Our journey began with a commitment to excellence in asbestos management and demolition services, recognizing the unique needs of the Gawler community. Located at the heart of South Australia’s most historic town, we are deeply rooted in the local fabric, understanding the significance of preserving its heritage while ensuring modern safety standards.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality asbestos removal, testing, and demolition services. We are driven by a philosophy that combines state-of-the-art techniques with a personalized approach. Our team comprises industry-certified experts who bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every project is executed with precision and care.

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About Us

Understanding the historical significance of Gawler, we specialize in handling asbestos-related challenges in both historic and contemporary structures. Our approach is not just about providing services; it’s about fostering a safer environment and contributing positively to the city’s growth and development.

At Ace Asbestos Removal Gawler, we believe in building strong relationships based on trust and transparency. Our clients are our top priority, and we strive to exceed their expectations in every project we undertake. We are committed to ongoing training and development to stay ahead in our field, ensuring our services reflect the latest in safety standards and technological advancements.

As part of the Gawler community, we are not only service providers but also responsible citizens, committed to contributing to the town’s legacy. We take pride in our work and in our role in helping to maintain and improve the quality of life in Gawler.

For Ace Asbestos Removal Gawler, every job is more than a project; it’s an opportunity to make a difference in our community.

Asbestos Removal And Demolition In Gawler

Asbestos Removal


Our team provides thorough and safe asbestos removal services, ensuring all health and environmental regulations are met. Our process includes:

Detailed Property Inspection: Identifying asbestos materials in your home or business.

Customized Removal Strategy: Planning and executing the removal process with minimal disruption.

Health and Safety Compliance: Adhering to strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our clients and staff.

Responsible Disposal: Handling the disposal of asbestos materials in an environmentally responsible manner.


Asbestos Testing


We offer professional asbestos testing services to determine the presence of asbestos in your property. Our services include:

Sample Collection and Analysis: Safely collecting samples and analyzing them in certified laboratories.

Accurate Reporting: Providing detailed reports on the presence of asbestos and recommendations for management or removal.

Expert Consultation: Offering guidance and advice on the best course of action following testing results.



Our demolition services are comprehensive, catering to both residential and commercial projects. We ensure:

Efficient Project Management: From planning to completion, we handle every aspect of the demolition process.

Advanced Demolition Techniques: Utilizing the latest technology and methods for safe and effective demolition.

Debris Management: Ensuring all demolition waste is removed and disposed of responsibly.

Site Preparation: Preparing the site for future development or restoration.


Asbestos Removal & Demolition Company in Gawler

Why Choose Ace Asbestos Removal?

At Ace Asbestos Removal, we are deeply committed to the safety and development of Gawler. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in this historic city. We are proud to contribute to the preservation and progress of Gawler through our specialized services.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (08) 7282 0139. We are here to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the Gawler community.

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Ace Asbestos

About Gawler, South Australia

Gawler, often regarded as the first country town in South Australia, is a city steeped in history with a vibrant future. Located just 44 km north of Adelaide, Gawler is a blend of urban and rural living, offering residents and visitors a unique small-town feel with all the conveniences of a larger city. The city’s rich heritage is visible in its well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian architecture, making it a picturesque and inviting place to live and work.

Highlights of Gawler

  • Historical Significance: Gawler is known for its historic buildings, including churches, pubs, and other structures that reflect its early colonial history.
  • Cultural Hub: The city hosts various cultural events and festivals that celebrate its rich heritage and diverse community.
  • Proximity to Barossa Valley: Gawler serves as a gateway to the world-renowned Barossa Valley, known for its wine production and stunning landscapes.
  • Community Spirit: The city boasts a strong sense of community, with numerous local clubs, organizations, and regular community events.

Had ace come out and remove a fence that way pretty obviously made from asbestos. They tore the whole thing downa nd have it all disposed off within the day. Very happy with their work

- David Marks

We had an asbestos roof that had the be removed before we could renovate our home. Ace came out and offered us a free quote which was great and then they got to work. Had everything reomved and taken away.

- Alice Johnson

This is the second time we have used Ace Asbestos Removal at our home. We have been very impressed with how professional and helpful Jay and his team have been.

- Alex Mcdonnel

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