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Welcome to Ace Asbestos Removal – your local experts in safe and professional asbestos removal, testing, and demolition services. Nestled in the heart of Elizabeth, South Australia, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch services to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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At Ace Asbestos Removal Elizabeth, we are dedicated to providing services that not only meet but exceed safety standards.

Our team is continuously trained in the latest industry practices to ensure we provide the best service possible.

Your safety, satisfaction, and the well-being of the Elizabeth community are our top priorities. WE can help all the residence of Elizabeth, Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth Park, Elizabeth East and Elizabeth South.

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Asbestos Removal And Demolition Services

Asbestos Removal


Our asbestos removal service is designed to address all types of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in various settings, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. We handle everything from the initial inspection to the final disposal of asbestos materials. Our process includes:

Site Assessment and Inspection: A thorough inspection of your property to identify the presence and extent of asbestos materials.

Safe Removal Techniques: Utilizing advanced methods and equipment to safely remove asbestos without risking contamination.

Air Monitoring and Decontamination: Ensuring that the air quality is maintained during the removal process and the site is decontaminated post-removal.

Legal and Safe Disposal: Transporting and disposing of asbestos materials in compliance with local and national environmental regulations.


Asbestos Testing


Asbestos testing is a critical step in asbestos management. Our comprehensive testing service includes:

Sample Collection: Safe and secure collection of material samples from your property.

Laboratory Analysis: Utilizing accredited laboratories for detailed analysis to confirm the presence and type of asbestos.

Reporting and Recommendations: Providing a detailed report of the findings and recommendations for the next steps, whether it’s removal, encapsulation, or ongoing monitoring.



Our demolition services are tailored to both residential and commercial clients. We handle the entire demolition process with an emphasis on safety and efficiency:

Pre-Demolition Planning: Assessing the site, obtaining necessary permits, and creating a detailed plan of action.

Controlled Demolition: Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the demolition is carried out in a controlled and safe manner.

Debris Removal and Recycling: Efficient removal of demolition waste, prioritizing recycling and environmentally responsible disposal.

Site Clearance and Preparation: Preparing the site for its next phase of use, whether it’s new construction or landscaping.


Residential & commercial Asbestos Removal & Demolition

Why Choose Ace Asbestos Removal?

At Ace Asbestos Removal, we understand the importance of a safe living and working environment. Our team of experts is fully licensed and trained, using the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.

For enquiries or to schedule a service, please contact us at (08) 7282 0139. We are here to serve the Elizabeth community and ensure your peace of mind.

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Ace Asbestos

Elizabeth, located 24 km north of the Adelaide city centre, is an integral part of the Adelaide metropolitan area and the City of Playford. This suburb has a rich history, having been established in 1955, and was the seat of the former local government body, the Old City of Elizabeth. Today, Elizabeth is known for its vibrant community and is a hub of activities and attractions.

Key Points of Interest in Elizabeth

  • City of Playford Civic Centre: A cornerstone of the community, housing the council chambers, Elizabeth branch of the Playford Library, and the Shedley Theatre.
  • Elizabeth Shopping Centre: A central shopping destination that has evolved from open-air malls to a modern undercover mall, offering a variety of shopping and dining options.
  • Parks and Recreation: Elizabeth boasts beautiful parks such as Dauntsey Reserve and Ridley Reserve, providing serene green spaces for relaxation and family activities.
  • Education: Home to institutions like Playford International College and Kaurna Plains School, reflecting the suburb’s commitment to quality education.
  • Sports: Elizabeth takes pride in its sports culture, being the home of the Central District Bulldogs, a celebrated Australian rules football team in the SANFL, and the Playford City Patriots soccer club.

Had ace come out and remove a fence that way pretty obviously made from asbestos. They tore the whole thing downa nd have it all disposed off within the day. Very happy with their work

- David Marks

We had an asbestos roof that had the be removed before we could renovate our home. Ace came out and offered us a free quote which was great and then they got to work. Had everything reomved and taken away.

- Alice Johnson

This is the second time we have used Ace Asbestos Removal at our home. We have been very impressed with how professional and helpful Jay and his team have been.

- Alex Mcdonnel

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