Asbestos Removal

At Ace Asbestos Removal, our team holds full licensing and insurance, adhering to the most recent safety standards and regulations to ensure your asbestos removal is performed with the utmost quality.

Asbestos Removal

Our service in asbestos removal is foundational in establishing a secure environment for you and your family. Asbestos, often found in construction materials pre-dating the 1990s, can present health hazards if agitated. Our approach encompasses:

Initial Examination: A comprehensive evaluation of your premises to identify the presence of materials containing asbestos.

Strategic Planning: Crafting a removal strategy that aligns with Australian Work Health and Safety standards, aimed at minimizing disruption while maximizing safety.

Effective Containment: Implementing robust containment techniques to inhibit the dispersal of asbestos fibers during the extraction process.

Expert Removal: Our certified experts employ sophisticated methods and tools to carefully eliminate asbestos-containing materials from your property.

Thorough Clean-Up: Following strict decontamination procedures to ensure the area is completely clear of any lingering asbestos particles.

Responsible Disposal: The asbestos waste is transported and disposed of by the environmental regulations of South Australia.

Understanding the Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure

Inhaling these fibers can potentially lead to asbestosis, lung cancer, or mesothelioma. The risk of developing these diseases increases with the number of fibers inhaled. Additionally, if you are a smoker, your risk of lung cancer may further increase upon exposure to these fibers. Often, the symptoms of these conditions may not become apparent until 20 to 30 years after initial exposure.

The Importance of Professional Removal Services

The legislation mandates the engagement of a licensed contractor for the removal of bonded areas contaminated with these materials exceeding a certain size. Considering the stringent regulations surrounding the removal and disposal process, it’s advisable to opt for a licensed professional for all removal tasks.

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